Leaders Who Inspires Us?

Here at the Marketing team, we are constantly looking for inspiration. This may come in forms of posts, pictures, content, or today’s focus: influential leaders! Therefore, we would like to share our inspirational idols with you.

Dan – Marketing Lead

The leader who I am choosing today is Alan Turning. He had great contribution in decrypting the enigma machine which accelerated the end of WWII. His invention later went to become the foundation of computers binary system. First taken as a traitor but later he was recognise as a war hero. Due to his efforts, Alan Turning will be on the £50 note this year!

Paulo – IT Support

“Tim Ferris is a great writer, thinker and has come up with great ‘life hacks’ that reveal to us how to accomplish great achievements by change small habits.”

“Bruce Lee’s way of living and philosophy is inspirational. He brought a new genre of movies to the western culture, he create his own martial art Jeet Kune Do which millions of people still practice up to this date.”

“Arnold Schwarzenegger is also a man of great character, he is an example of what vision and perseverance can do to someone. – He managed to succeed against all odds when he moved from Austria to United States, won Mr Olympia, have worked in Hollywood films, and became the Governor of California for (2003 – 2011)”

Georgia – Word Press Developer

“For my inspirational leader, I have chosen Marcus Rashford. Not only is a extremely talented footballer, Rashford has continuously helped those in need. The Manchester United player has expertly fought child hunger in the UK throughout the pandemic and has stood in solidarity with those taking part in the Black Lives Matter protests!”

Alistair – Data Analytics Analyses

“For a leader who inspires me, I’d pick Dr Suzie Imber, a lecturer at the University of Leicester. As well as doing a lot of great work and research in space science, she does a massive amount of public outreach, travelling to schools and delivering public lectures to encourage people to pursue space science as a career and just generally raise young people’s aspirations. She also won the BBC’s ‘Astronauts, Do You Have What It Takes?’ programme, getting a recommendation to join the ESA from Chris Hadfield.”

Anya – Junior Content Producer

“For someone who inspires me, I would choose Emma Watson. Emma Watson is a Global Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations. She uses this platform to discuss important issues that impact women around the world. Watson is also incredibly smart as she has studied at Brown and Oxford University. She has also previously campaigned for the fair trade and the environment. What a woman!”

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