Important Things to Remember When Performing CPR

CPR is a life-saving procedure which is used to keep the blood flowing around the body. If someone’s heart has stopped beating, CPR doubles the chances of that life being saved. Regardless, if you have had first-aid training or not, CPR should be learnt by everyone!

How do I perform CPR?

  1. Keep calm and make sure you have contacted emergency assistance before attempting CPR. Continue performing CPR whilst emergency services are on their way.

2. Position yourself with your shoulders above your hands.

3. Using your body weight, press straight down by 5 to 6cm on their chest.

4. Keeping your hands on their chest, release the compression and allow the chest to return to its original position.

5. Repeat these compressions at a rate of 100 to 120 times a minute until an ambulance arrives or you become exhausted.

Our First Aid Trainer, Rich Whittingham, is an expert on everything CPR. He has offered some important things to remember when performing CPR:

  1. Under current guidance from the European resuscitation council, we are currently not performing recuse breathes during resuscitation due to coronavirus transmission.
  2. Make sure you have contacted emergency assistance before attempting CPR.
  3. Everyone should know how to perform CPR; it might be the difference between life and death.
  4. Always keep your hands within contact of the chest to ensure there is no bouncing on the ribs.

As part of our First Aid at Work programme, Rich has recorded a segment on how to correctly give CPR! To watch, click the link below.

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