The Training Initiative – A Jam-Packed June

This month has been super busy for both the Apprenticeship and Workplace Training teams. It has been productive for new companies too, as they have equipped their team with new employees and skills! It has also been a pleasure for us to say we have recruited new employees and are continuing the push to help other companies.


There have been a few talks with some companies about beginning apprenticeships! Which is exciting. However, internally, the Training Initiative have helped apprentices begin their program.

Anya, Junior Content Producer for the Training Initiative, said “the apprenticeship team have been great! It has been ridiculously easy to begin the start of my apprenticeship. All I had to do was turn up on time to my first lesson with my tutor, Ian Saxelby-Smith. He is great! Highly creative and supportive, I know I am going to do well with him as my tutor.”

Who is Ian Saxelby-Smith?

Ian is the specialist tutor for the Content Producer apprenticeship! He is extremely creative and has years of experience in the marketing and design field. As a professional, Ian has a grasp on multiple pieces of software and skills. Saxelby-Smith is partial to a Hawaiian shirt and a galaxy green-screen background.

Sam Conley, who is completing a Level 5 Leader in Adult Care apprenticeship, says “I am enjoying the apprenticeship so far, at the minute it is mainly research for assignments that I have to hand in for the 8th of July. I am enjoying researching and learning communication models that I do day-to-day in my job role but I didn’t know that the method of communication had a name. If I have any issues that I am unsure of Subia replys quite quickly.”

Something exciting is also in the works. Future Leaders is a new Era of apprenticeships that The Training Initiative have created! The upcoming Future Leaders scheme will provide companies with the most cost effective and efficient way of training and developing your next generation of business leader. Whether it is developing existing staff within your organisation or utilising our Future Leader Talent Scouts to identify and recruit high quality Future Leaders, we have the right solution for you! Keep your eyes peeled for this, its going to be something great!

Workplace Training Update

Our trainer, Rich Whittingham, has also been busy providing companies with necessary skills. Rich travelled to our close contact, Care First, to train employees on Diabetes and Insulin awareness. The Training Initiative trainer has also performed Manual Handling and Fire Marshal to Kestrel. This is to upskill their in-house training and development team ready to deliver their own training through our Affiliate Center Training scheme.

Rich has also been busy recording live webinars for Home Instead branches across the country! They have been going on throughout June to discuss important topics such as:

  • The £3000 incentives that are available.
  • Providing your staff with cost effective training.
  • Freedom to deliver regulated qualifications with registering with an awarding body.
  • Future Leaders.
  • The Kickstart Scheme!

To give companies some more insight, we have also filmed a webinar for ‘Kickstart for Companies’. This gives companies a better idea of how the Government-funded scheme can help both businesses and young people alike!

As well as all the training Rich has been doing over the last month, he has also been filming for On-Demand learning! Infection, Prevention and Control, Equality and Diversity and a Three Day First Aid Course will all be available on the website soon.

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