Alan Keast Speaks Up About His Traineeship Experience

We previously interviewed the manager of Tamworth Boxing Club, Alan Keast, on his experience with the government-funded Traineeship scheme. The marketing team had the pleasure of visiting the boxing school and their educational facilities! Here’s what Alan had to say:

How has the Traineeship scheme benefitted you as a business?

“The Traineeship Scheme has given us the opportunity to support someone else in the community that wouldn’t normally be given this opening. With the scheme, we have been able to find Jacob who we might not have normally found going through the original route of a work placement.”

Why have you decided to keep Jacob on to complete a Kickstart roll and how will he progress?

“The reason I decided to keep Jacob on is because he has made excellent relationships with everyone who works and relies on at Tamworth Boxing Club. Here at TBC, we are all about the relationships we can build to improve the progress of students.”

Have you felt supported by us here at The Training Initiative?

“Yes, of course! There has been no hassle and the process has been simple. Realistically, the work placement can be difficult to organise but you made it easy and covered everything!”

What would you say to other companies looking to do a Traineeship?

“We were concerned at first because we anticipated a large amount of paperwork and the logistical side of things to be a little difficult. When you have someone on an apprenticeship, it takes staff time to complete required paperwork in the background. However, this time, during the Traineeship, we essentially had an extra pair of hands which has been so helpful!”

Why did you think Traineeships were for you?

“I think it is because we did not have the hassle of identifying somebody, going through the paperwork, and doing the administration that you are able to do for us!”

Will you be interested in taking anymore Traineeships from us in the foreseeable future?

“Yes, certainly. 100%. They are a great opportunity for young people and business owners alike!”

Thank you to everyone at Tamworth Boxing Club for letting us interview them and their fantastic work with young people!

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