The Importance of Induction Training For New Care Employees

Starting a career in an unfamiliar new environment can be overwhelming. Therefore, you can ease your new staff into the world of work through Induction Training. Most companies do enroll their new employees onto Induction Training to develop their job specific skills! This will prepare them for any dangers that might arise in their new role.

Induction training is mandatory courses in areas of safety, wellbeing, and security of all members of an organisation. These courses may include:

  • Health and Safety Awareness (Fire Awareness, Manual Handling, COSHH, Slips, Trips & Falls, Electrical Safety)
  • HR Compliance and Wellbeing Essentials (Equality & Diversity, Bullying & Harassment, Stress & Mental Health Awareness)
  • Business Compliance (Cyber Security & GDPR, Fraud, Environmental Awareness)

So how important are these induction courses?

 The courses increase organisation awareness

Having employees who understand the importance of induction training will put these teachings into action. Treating everyone the same, in or outside of work, will have dramatic effect on your income as you will be respected by co-workers and customers alike. It is shown that, organisations with strong positive cultures help employees to build up teamwork and morale thereby increasing their output.

Effective for new employees

Having new employees participate in induction courses in their first week at your company will set expectations from the beginning of their journey. It will be stated clearly what is and what is not tolerated in your business. This can be anything from performance expectations, behaviour towards colleagues, and health and safety awareness.


The important thing to remember about induction training is that it can be perfectly tailored to you and your company! What might work for one business, may not work for you and that is fine. With induction training it should answer all the questions and queries about your organisation that new employees might have.

Employees will settle into their new roles quickly!Unfortunately, it is time consuming.
Employees will be made aware of important health and safety issues before starting the jobConcentration may be poor due to work interruptions
Employees will understand who the main personnel in the organisation are

If you any more questions on induction training, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us! We would be happy to help you.

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