Answering The Top 8 Kickstart Scheme Questions

As a Kickstart gateway, we have been asked everything you can think of regarding the new Kickstart scheme. Our dedicated Kickstart experts have taken the time to write an in-depth blog offering answers to the TOP 8 questions about the government scheme:

1. What do I need to do to hire a Kickstarter?

The Kickstart Scheme is open to all employers with a Companies House/Charity Commission registration number. Organisations who are employing over 30 Kickstarters can apply directly to the Government for their funding or use a Kickstart Gateway. If you are employing less than 30 Kickstarters, you can apply through a Kickstart gateway

As a result of using a Kickstart Gateway, you will need to provide information such as:

  • Number of employees
  • Any changes to your workforce in the last 6 months and why (for example redundancies and changes to hours worked by existing staff)
  • The number of people affected by changes to your workforce in the last 6 months
  • The roles, responsibilities and average salary of individuals who had been made redundant or had their hours reduced in the last 6 months
  • If you would be able to create these job placements without Kickstart Scheme funding and what funding source you would use
  • What recruitment you have started, paused or completed in the last 6 months
  • If the job placements will be similar to existing or planned roles to the roles previously done by those made redundant
  • Why you are using Kickstart Scheme funding to create similar roles
  • If you’ve engaged with any relevant trade unions and any advice you’ve received.

Don’t worry! At The Training Initiative, our Kickstart Specialists are on hand to help you every step of the way. You can complete an expression of interest here and we will be in touch with you to discuss your requirements.

2. When will I receive the £1,500 grant?

The £1,500 setup costs will be paid when the young person begins the job placement.

As your Kickstart Gateway, we will work with you to identify your set up costs and what remaining funding can be committed to your Kickstarter employee’s training and development.

3. What training can The Training Initiative help me with?

YEA! And The Training Initiative have a bespoke WorkFit and WorkFit+ training programme which fulfil the Government’s mandated employability training on this scheme.

These programmes are flexible, easily accessible and provide skill development that will not only better support the individual, but also the employer they work with.

Furthermore, The Training Initiative & YEA! has a range of sector based accredited and regulated courses which we can adapt to suit the needs of the candidate and the employer. Our Kickstart Specialists are on hand to help you with all aspects of your training needs.

Remember, with the £1500 grant awarded for each Kickstart employee, training is fundable! For more information on Kickstart job roles & training click here.

4. Who sends the job advert to the local job centre?

As your Kickstart Gateway, we will provide the job centre with all the required information and your job placements will then be advertised on their system.

5. What evidence do I provide for proof of training?

As your Kickstart Gateway, we will discuss this with you and develop a bespoke training plan so that the training the Kickstarter receives is not only beneficial for the individual but also for your business. If you become a Kickstart employer, you can be audited at any point to check how the £1500 training and set up grant has been spent. The proof you may need could include:

  • A timesheet evidencing training undertaken
  • Training plan
  • Certification of achievement/completion
  • Orders/receipts of equipment

6. How long does it takes from EOI to the employee/s starting?

Once we have received your Expression of Interest, we will submit your bid for Kickstart funding. An decision from DWP as to whether your bid has been successful will take approximately 4 weeks.

We will inform you of the outcome of your bid and then work with you to provide all relevant job information to your local Job Centre.

There, your job(s) will be added to the system, advertised and be available for Work Coaches to discuss with applicants.

Interested candidates will apply for the role through the DWP system. Depending on the number of jobs available and the individuals looking for work, this can be a very quick process or take a lot of time.

7. Can I use a Kickstart Gateway even if I want more than 30 Kickstarters?

Yes of course. Although it may take longer for your application to be processed, you will have the support of a Kickstart Gateway who can provide training & support to the individual which is mandatory requirement of the scheme. We can also provide a dedicated Kickstart Toolkit that includes templates and guidance to support the creation of job descriptions. Furthermore, you will receive FREE access to our 16-24 Progression Portal to exclusively advertise your roles amongst learners on our vocational training programmes.

8. What happens once the Kickstart has been employed for 6 months?

We recommend that when hiring Kickstarters, you develop a plan for after the 6-month point. For those Kickstarters that have been a success, you can progress them onto an apprenticeship or offer them a permanent role. Apprenticeships are great way to up-skill your staff. For more information on apprenticeships, give us a call 01827 216171 as we can help!

For more information regarding the Kickstart scheme, our employer guide has all the answers.

Do you have any questions we haven’t answered in this blog? Ask us below!

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