Moving Forward in May – Apprenticeship Update

It has been a busy month here at The Training Initiative!

Some exciting opportunities for employers and apprentices have begun this month. Our Apprenticeship department have been working tirelessly all month to ensure these connections are a success!

New companies, such as ‘Urban Heard‘, have been in contact and requested some apprentices from us at The Training Initiative.


Urban Heard are a community company on a mission to empower and educate young people! They offer funding and employment to teenagers aged between 14-17 years-old. The successful community organisation schedule educational workshops to touch on taboo topics such as: drugs, alcohol, the dangers of pornography and mental health issues. These workshops have been extremely beneficial to the younger generation as they are held in schools, youth clubs and any other teenage setting.

The Apprentice from Urban Heard recently enrolled on a Team Leader Apprenticeship!

ADP, a major architecture firm, who have multiple sites internationally, have recently enrolled six of their employees onto our Team Leader Apprenticeship. The firm are believers in “good architecture” and the power it holds “to make the world a more positive place – for people, communities and the environment.

The Workplace Mentor is a 12 month course perfectly designed to support new or existing members of your organisation. They can be a valuable assets to your company! Similarly, a learner mentor can aid your employees to reach their full potential and personal goals. Here, at The Training Initiative, we not only offer expert teaching on all areas, we can create bespoke learning materials dedicated to the improvement of your apprentices!

Internally, at The Training Initiative and Pro-Vida Care, we have also taken on some of our own Apprentices!

What do they have to say?

Sam Conley

I have taken on the role of Deputy Manager, to work along side Carol. Helping ensure that the K.L.O.E’s Which are the 5 standards CQC look for are upheld and adequately evidenced, putting the Service Users at the focus of our service. I am also undertaking a apprenticeship for level 5 within the company increasing my knowledge for the role.

I am really enjoying it, and I am grateful for the opportunity to do this as it has been something that I have wanted to do since I became a carer back in 2009!”

Anya Dolman

Hi! I’m Anya. I have recently begun my Junior Content Producer Apprenticeship, here at The Training Initiative.

The JCP Apprenticeship has provided me with a multitude of new skills, ones that I wouldn’t usually acquire from doing a degree! Taking on my apprenticeship places me higher up the academic ladder. Not only do I have the ability to do my job well, but I also have experience in a field of work I enjoy.

“From an employers point of view, The Training Initiative has benefitted from taking me, and the other apprentices, on. Website design, brand awareness, customer interaction and sales have increased!”

Not only have we taken on some new apprentices, The Training Initiative have employed a new member to their designated apprenticeship team!

Holly Boyne

Our new Apprenticeship Coordinator, Holly Boyne, has been tackling her new role like a professional!

“I started my new role as an Apprenticeships Coordinator without much insight into apprenticeships from this perspective at all, but I have already learnt so much.”

“I am looking forward to developing myself and gaining more and more knowledge about the professional training industry and helping TTI grow as best as I can.”

“I am excited for all the opportunities I know I’m going to have here!”


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