Triple Your Revenue With a Junior Content Producer

Having a successful business relies solely on custom. So, how can your business increase the amount of clientele directed to your company?

Right now, in society, social media is used by over 3 billion people worldwide! Not engaging this mass amount of people could be a downfall for your company. Therefore, employing a Junior Content Producer who can create engaging, branded content to increase your revenue will be in your best interests.

Junior Content Producer

What is it?

A Junior Content Producer will be a beacon in regards to advertising your company! Marketing is not just a regular 9 to 5 job, it is designed for the creative minds! Content Producers are experts in techniques designed to increase your audience and revenue. They can utilise various forms of media to achieve this:


Just like the one you are reading right now! Blogs are informative posts that Content Producers, like myself, love to use. They are a great way to keep new and existing readers and clients in loop with what you offer at company! Blogging is immensely valuable:[2]

57% of marketers say their audience has increased through blogging weekly!

53% of marketers believe blogging is their top priority to creating a larger business audience.


Webinars are huge virtual media opportunity to accelerate your business. They are informative videos hosted by members of your organisation to perform a similar role to blogs. However, some believe that webinars are more personal as they have the possibility to be live.

[3]Statistics show that 2-5% of webinar attendees make direct purchases to your company and 20-40% evolve to be leads!

Here at The Training Initiative, we recently held a webinar updating our existing or new partners on ‘Kickstart for Companies’. This is Rhian, our Business Development Lead! During the webinar, Rhian updated our partners on:

  • The Kickstart Scheme process
  • The referral rate
  • Our WorkFit+ programme
  • Identifying a mentor
  • And much more!


Content Producers are creative people and making paid adverts look inspiring and engaging is a walk in the park for them. It is believed that [4]65% of the world’s population are visual learners. Therefore, producers will cater to their audience and make their content as interactive and as visual as possible.

E-mails Campaigns

Every internet user has an e-mail. Therefore, making electronic mail an effective way of getting your business out there! As a JCP, we have multiple pieces of software available to us, making it simple to be creative and engaging at the same time. Although, there is a possibility that e-mails might get lost in a sea of other mail. However, we can make them as engaging as possible to avoid this!


Content Producers have access to the latest pieces of software to make your brand look as eye-catching as possible. First impressions count. Therefore, having an apprentice will make your brand visually look impressive and memorable. They have the expertise to keep content consistent throughout the whole brand. A Content Producer is a strategic investment, as they can keep updating your brand throughout the changes of the marketplace.


As well as graphics, photography comes hand-in-hand with advertising. Taking photos, and publishing them on your social media platforms, will add a personal touch to your business. Photos are also a good way to make your company appear professional!





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