Learner Mentoring – What Is It? And How Will It Support Me and My Business?

Tell me: what is learner mentoring?

Learner mentoring aids learners of all ages, and levels, to develop within a new work role. These learners may be apprentices, trainees, or new recruits (ranging from young entrants to new CEOs) in the workplace or in any learning environment.

A learning mentor will have sector-specific experience and qualifications determined by the employer or professional body. The mentor will be a ‘dual professional’, having up-to-date knowledge and skills in a specialist vocational area, combined with the generic skills that are essential to support learners.

This apprenticeship has been designed to develop existing and new skills and to equip apprentices with the knowledge and skills required to support them in their role. Our apprenticeships provide highly effective teaching and learning tailored to meet individual business needs and to provide job-specific skills vital for peak business performance. An apprenticeship standard will enable you to understand the importance of your role within your organisation.

What skills will your apprentice acquire? 

Provide Mentoring Support

As your new employee discover the world of work, they may get overwhelmed. A learning mentor will help create an open, trusting atmosphere in the work place. Eventually, their confidence will increase! They will understand their potential and become empowered, resulting in a successful career and business.


Communicating with individuals is the heart to any successful business. Therefore, the learner mentor will train the employees to learn how to do this effectively and persuasively to ensure your custom is increased. With a learner mentor, there is an opportunity to have a trusting and open work environment.


Having a Learning Mentor can have multiple uses. In the workplace, protecting employees should be a main priority and with a learning mentors this can be accomplished. Safeguarding should be cater to everyone on your team, regardless of ethnic group, gender or religion. Learning mentors will help to protect their health, well-being and rights.

Who can access this apprenticeship?

The Level 3 Learner Mentoring Apprenticeship is suitable for anyone and everyone who is interested in helping in the development of others. There are no entry requirements, however a passion to help others along with experience or knowledge of current industry standards is always beneficial.

It is a stepping-stone into personal development/training/education sector roles. It supports business growth, their employees development. It’s available for only £250 per apprentice!

How will learners benefit from the apprenticeship?How will the employer benefit from the apprenticeship?
Upon completion of the apprenticeship standard, the learning mentor will develop their motivation, resilience, self-control, knowledge of professional boundaries, and mutual respect in professional contexts and achieve the following qualifications:

Level 3 Learning Mentor apprenticeship Standard
Level 2 Functional Skills in Mathematics and English
Level 2 Award in Safeguarding

Having a learning mentor in the workplace can provide numerous benefits to you and your business!
It offers a channel of support – the learning mentor will help learners deal with workplace challenges, develop their skills and sector-based knowledge.

Completion of the learner mentoring programme is an excellent first step on the management ladder. It allows the apprentice to gather useful skills, that are specific to your industry, they can utilise to increase your business.

What funding is available for hiring an apprentice?

You can get help from the government by taking on a Learner Mentor! These grants are to cover the costs for the apprenticeship training, assessment or as an incentive payment for other costs

If you do not need to pay the levy

  • You pay 5% towards the cost of training and assessing your apprentice. You need to:
  • agree a payment schedule with the training provider
  • pay them directly for the training

The government will pay the rest (95%) up to the funding band maximum. They’ll pay it directly to the training provider.

If you pay the levy: You’ll receive funds to spend on training and assessing your apprentices. The government will add 10%.

Is there any other help available?

You can claim for an incentive payment for new apprentices who join your organisation. The amount you get will depend on when the apprentice joined your organisation.

Apprentices who joined your organisation before 1 April 2021 – You can claim up to £2,000 as an incentive payment if your apprentice starts between 1 August 2020 and 31 March 2021. (You’ll have until 31 May 2021 to make the claim.)

Apprentices who join your organisation from 1 April 2021 – You can claim £3,000 for apprentices who start between 1 April 2021 and 30 September 2021. (You can make a claim from 1 June 2021.)

Why choose us as your provider?

At TTI Apprenticeships our mission is to provide qualifications that are designed to enhance workforce productivity, improve employee retention, reduce expenditure and create new business growth.

Added Value For You

With each apprenticeship, we offer free additional courses. This means extra, valuable skills for your employees which they can then apply into your workplace environments.

A Free Bespoke Training Analysis

Unlike traditional providers, we offer a consulting service that goes beyond the standard Apprenticeship support and delivery. As an employer, we recognise the importance of a strong and reliable workforce that contribute towards the growth and sustainability of the company.

We offer each client a complementary training needs analysis, which identifies the skills gaps and training requirements within your organisation. A free bespoke training needs analysis for staff members are available.

Anytime, Anywhere Learning

At TTI Apprenticeships, the use of OneFile, a digital learning platform, means apprentices can have regular communication with their specialist tutor, complete work online anytime to upload work. Further features include time sheets, learning journals and live progress tracker.


We firmly believe that everyone should have access to learning opportunities. We know that everyone learns differently and therefore we adapt our delivery style and resources to suit the needs of those we work with.


TTI Apprenticeships are committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of the apprentices enrolled on our programmes. We have Safeguarding policies and procedures in place which we operate within. Apprentices, parents, carers and employers are welcome to read the policies which can be found in the footer of our website.

Sector Experts

Our Apprenticeships are delivered by qualified and experienced specialist tutors who are committed to providing the best experience for our learners and employers throughout the programme.

A word from our tutor

“Hi, I’m Dan! Here at The Training Initiative, I’m an experienced Personal Trainer, Fitness and Learner Mentor Tutor. I’ll be there to support learners every step of the way and encouraging them to realise their full potential in a safe, trusting work environment.”

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