Your Guide to Internal Training

Firstly, what is internal training?

Before we discuss the advantages of providing your staff with in-house training, I would like to simply clarify what internal training is:

Internal training is training that involves using a company’s own expertise, resources and facilities. The learning is typically catered towards employees learning the ropes of your business and tailored to scenarios your business would face on a day-to-day basis.

How will in-house training benefit your business?

It is totally flexible

Having a designated trainer within your company, will allow you to arrange sessions to days that are possible for you and your employees. Internal training in your company will also allow you train group sizes of your preference. It is statistically shown that delivering training to smaller groups increases retention of valuable information. Therefore, increasing attention, development and success of your business!

Low-budget, high quality training

Internal training is immensely cost effective in the long run. Of course, there are initial costs when providing an individual with the specialist skillset, however, once trained your employee is now qualified to deliver that information internally. This eradicates the possibility of employees having to attend an off-site training conference and ensures no time is being wasted and productivity is the focus!

Perfectly tailored to you!

It is no secret that there is no one else who fully understands the challenges your business face. This means when you are delivering internal training you can adapt it to strengthen the areas of weakness within your workforce and solve problems. There is no time limit on how long your team spend on certain tasks which eliminates any pressure involved in meeting certain deadlines.

Bonding with your team

In-house training is all about cooperation. Building stronger relationships and collaborating with co-workers they would not normally work with daily could be beneficial to how your business functions. Consider getting managers involved, which experts say authoritative figure involvement is one of the best ways to encourage employee retention. Getting everyone engaged in a common goal will bond and motivate your team!

Convenience is key

Let us be realistic, it is far more convenient to train employees at your office than sending them to an off-site training session. It does not require employees to travel and to take time at weekend to attend training which undoubtedly will build up additional costs for your business. Internal training engages employees during their normal working hours ensuring full concentration and enjoyment is guaranteed.

Are there any negatives?

Like with everything, there could be some drawbacks to internal training. Training organisation usually falls on a senior member of a company which could be a burden for administrators. The business of these courses may be overwhelming for some as it takes a considerable number of resources. These troubles can be rectified with help from a member of our team, who are always on hand for a little extra guidance for those who require so.

In the end, in-house training can save the company money and time, including the benefits mentioned above. Simultaneously, the training does require an upfront investment that, understandably, not all businesses are able to commit to.

Considering, your designated trainer has completed a range of specialist qualifications and is eligible to deliver internally, it will not stop there. It is imperative that trainers receive regular training to ensure they are kept up to date with the latest changes in their specialised course. This will result in annual payment your company must be willing to commit to. If the in-house training plan is not updated, workers will not be getting the most relevant, accurate information. This can hold them back in their careers and keep them from performing to the best of their abilities. When this happens, the company also suffers.

We are here to help!

As a training provider ourselves, we understand there are hundreds of courses to choose from. It can be overwhelming to say the least. Here at the Training Initiative, we recommend looking into our ‘Train the Trainer’ packages. By completing a ‘Train the Trainer‘ Course, you will become an accredited trainer in any certified courses you have completed. This will allow you to deliver internal training sessions at your place of work, certificating those learners who attend.

We recognise that many individuals will want to become accredited in multiple courses to ensure they are able to effectively train their team. As a result, we offer the following packages:

Our ‘Train The Trainer On Demand’ courses have been carefully developed to offer flexibility whilst still maintaining our proven track record of effective training delivery by our specialist tutors. Our courses have grown in popularity as multiple organisations have shifted their education programs from the classroom to the internet due to the recent pandemic.

If you have any questions regarding internal training and how we can help you with your training requirements, feel free to book a free consultancy call with one of our training consultants or share your email and we will be happy to provide you with more information!

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